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Dodge Viper SRT-10 Prototype Version - 2003

Marca - Auto Art
Escala - 1:18
For the 2003 SEMA  show, Chrysler displayed a highly tuned Viper SRT-10 in coupe form. The vehicle's name comes from the carbon fiber used to reduce the weight by 150 lbs (total down to 3200 lbs). However, even more significant were the engine modifications, which increased power to 625 hp; no torque or RPM figures were given. Along with the carbon fiber hardtop, a front splitter and rear spoiler were added, however these parts were not nearly as significant as those on the later SRT-10 ACR, and no downforce/drag information was provided to show that they were even functional. The car was a concept only, and never produced.
The SRT-10 is a significant improvement over the previous offering.
Still present (while improved) is the familiar Viper jounce and twitchy tracking--even on smooth, straight roads. The knife-edged breakaway of the rearend during hard cornering still looms, but is more tamed. And the heat radiating off the beast still abounds. Make no mistake: Despite our nitpicks, Dodge's SRT-10 remains a world-class sports car that'll gladly ram horns with all competitors.

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