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Koenigsegg CCX - 2006

Marca - Auto Art Signature
Escala - 1:18
The Koenigsegg CCX is a mid-engined roadster from Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg. The CCX has been engineered to comply with the U.S. regulation and market demands and is a newer design that replaced the Koenigsegg CCR.
CCX is an abbreviation for Competition Coupé X, the X commemorating the 10th anniversary (X being the Roman numeral for ten) of the completion and test drive of the first CC vehicle in 1996.
The CCX was first unveiled on February 28, 2006 at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show although its existence was announced earlier. A derivative known as the CCXR is available, the main difference being that CCXR's engine is tuned to run on biofuel. The different fuel and tune allows the CCXR to produce 25% more power than the CCX.
The aerodynamically contoured CCX is constructed out of carbon fiber and Kevlar. This structure contributes to its light curb weight. And just how aerodynamic this car is? The drag coefficient for the CCX was rated at 0.30, a phenomenally low figure. Its design, together with its set of diffusers, spoilers, and vortex generators, is known to generate some serious down force; 60 kilograms on the front and 65 kilograms on the rear at 120 miles per hour. The wheels used for this car are made from magnesium alloy, though it can be upgraded to a carbon/magnesium composite wheel that is lighter by 3 kilograms compared to the standard wheels. Providing the stopping power is 14.3 inch disc brakes located at all 4 wheels.
The engine on this car is a V8 engine similar to the Ford Modular engines that they have used in the CC and CCR. But it was thoroughly modified to the point that it can be considered a brand new engine in itself. Featuring a lighter yet stronger heat treated aluminum engine block; it is equipped with 2 superchargers that are capable of creating boost of up to 17.5 psi. The output is rated at 806 horsepower while using 91 octane gasoline. This engine is mated with a 6 speed dual clutch manual transmission designed by Cima, though a sequential manual is optional equipment.
The performance numbers of the Koenigsegg CCX simply cannot be denied. Acceleration numbers of zero-to-100 kilometers per hour at 3.2 seconds and zero-to-200 kilometers per hour at 9.8 seconds indicates that this car is a force to be reckoned with. And a zero-to-300-to-zero time of 29.2 seconds (done by Sport Auto) is a record holder. And in 2007, it held the record for the fastest lap time recorded in the TV show Top Gear, clocking in at 1:17.6 seconds.

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